Conservative Group Leader, Cllr Darius Laws, described the news that Colchester Borough Council's ruling coalition of Labour, Lib-Dems and Independents is attempting to “cling on to power” as an outright disaster for Colchester. The manifesto commitments of this "cobbled together" coalition has been firmly rejected on the doorsteps. They have no moral authority to run Colchester.

After the election on 3rd May, the Conservatives are overwhelmingly the largest single group on the Council. We have increased our share of the vote. We held two key seats. We have gained two more, taking us to one seat short of an overall majority.

Conservatives have every intention of forming a minority Administration.  We will take outright control of this borough council because it is us who have the ideas, experience and determination to deliver a better Colchester for everyone. After 10 years in control, the Labour, Lib-Dem & Independent Coalition has run out of ideas.

My message to all the Conservative voters is that I have done everything I can for now. We will run the borough council - it will just take a little longer than I’d planned."

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About the Conservative Group at Colchester Borough Council

Colchester Borough Council Conservatives bringing you news from the Town Hall

The political make-up of Colchester Borough Council after the elections 3rd May 2018 is:

  • Conservative 25
  • Liberal Democrats 12
  • Labour 11;
  • Highwoods Group 3


Conservative Group Leader Cllr Darius Laws
Conservative Group Deputy Leader Cllr Beverly Davies


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