Cllr Darius Laws unveils Conservative Manifesto for the Colchester Borough Council Election on 3rd May 2018

As Leader of the Conservative Group, it gives me great pleasure to share with you our ideas of what improvements we will make to Colchester Borough Council if the residents of the Borough vote us into office on 3rd May.

For the past decade, the Council has been run by a coalition of Liberal Democrats, Labour and Highwoods Independents. They have been unable to agree amongst themselves on hardly any of the major decisions that should have been taken.

So we are suffering from an “infrastructure deficit”. Colchester has experienced a massive increase in housing, but without the roads, schools, doctors surgeries and community facilities which should have accompanied the housing. A Conservative-run Borough Council will urgently address this deficit. We have the ear of Essex County Council and the Government. I will personally put my foot in their doors to fight for Colchester.

Colchester’s Conservatives passionately believe in Colchester’s potential. The Conservative Party has always been the advocate of enterprise and aspiration. We will support, grow and welcome entrepreneurship within the Borough. We will positively help start-up businesses. We will proactively encourage retail brands and service sector businesses to establish a presence in the town.

We Promise to make Colchester and even better, safer, cleaner and nicer place in which to work, live and play.

With the Conservatives, responsible financial management will be at the core of every service that the Council provides.

I commend to you the Conservative Manifesto. Please download it, and share it with friends and neighbours.

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Cllr Darius Laws with his team


 About the Conservative Group at Colchester Borough Council

Colchester Borough Council Conservatives bringing you news from the Town Hall

The political make-up of Colchester Borough Council is:

  • Conservative 23;
  • Liberal Democrats 14;
  • Labour 11;
  • Highwoods Group 3

The Council is controlled by a coalition of Lib-Dems, Labour and Highwoods Independents.

Although numerically the largest group, Conservatives are the Official Opposition. It is our function to question and scrutinise the controlling coalition's decisions and actions, and hold them to account on behalf of the taxpayer.

Conservative Group Leader Cllr Darius Laws
Conservative Group Deputy Leader Cllr Beverly Davies


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