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The political make-up of Colchester Borough Council is:

  • Conservative 23;
  • Liberal Democrats 14;
  • Labour 11;
  • Highwoods Group 3

The Council is controlled by a coalition of LibDems, Labour and Highwoods Independents.

Although numerically the largest group, Conservatives are the Official Opposition. It is our function to question and scrutinise the controlling coalition's decisions and actions, and hold them to account on behalf of the taxpayer.

Conservative Group Leader Cllr Dennis Willetts
Conservative Group Deputy Leader Cllr Beverly Davies
Cllr D Willetts
Business & Culture
Cllr D Laws
Commercial Services
Cllr B Jarvis
Customers Cllr P Moore
Public Safety & and Licensing
Cllr R Buston 
Housing and Communities
Cllr J Maclean
Resources Cllr L Barber
Waste and Sustainability Cllr S Lissimore

Governance Cllr P Chillingworth
Licensing Cllr R Buston
Local Plan Cllr J Jowers
Planning Cllr P Hazell
Scrutiny Cllr B Davies
Trading Board Cllr L Barber


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