Facts have emerged that the secretive LibDem, Labour and Highwoods Coalition that runs the Council, recently cost Borough Taxpayers £100,000 by omitting to nail a writ to a boat mast.

In its capacity as the Harbour Master, it is believed that the Council had granted a licence to moor a boat at the Hythe Quay.  Following a dispute between the Council and the boat owner, the Council is understood to have tried to terminate the agreement.

In its usual heavy-handed manner, the autocratic Council went to court and obtained a possession order for the boat.

However, as every schoolboy knows (except perhaps the senior LibDem and Labour Councillors who run the Council), international marine law requires a marine writ to be “nailed to the mast, or otherwise served by securely affixing a sealed copy of the writ to the mast or some other conspicuous part of the ship’s superstructure”.

In the absence of the writ nailed to the mast, sources tell us that the Leader of the Council unlawfully permitted the execution of the possession order and had the boat moved, resulted in the owner claiming significant legal damages.
On hearing what had happened, the judge is rumoured to have given a ruling in court ordering the Council to pay for on-land accommodation for the crew until the matter was resolved because the boat was deemed uninhabitable following the Council’s illegal action.

Conservative Group Leader, Cllr Dennis Willetts, described the Council’s ruling Cabinet as a group of pirates who have complete disregard for marine law, with disastrous consequences for Borough council-tax payers. “The Council has been incurring hotel costs for months while the legal processes grind on.  Needless to say, the Council does not have a barrister or solicitor on its payroll who has expertise in marine law. So the Council is believed to be paying up to £750 per hour of Borough Taxpayers money for specialist legal opinion on marine law”.

The accumulated bill for the matter is understood to have recently topped £100,000, although the veil of secrecy has impeded our enquiries, so we have not been able to ascertain the exact loss to the Borough coffers.

Conservatives believe in obeying the law, whether on land or sea.


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