Councillor Sue Lissimore (Conservative Borough Councillor for Prettygate Ward, & County Councillor for Colchester Drury Division) welcomed the announcement that 23,000 more energy-saving LED streetlights are set to be installed across the county by Essex Highways. She revealed that 3742 streetlights in Colchester will be converted to energy-saving LEDs, and a further 239 in subways and underpasses, plus 71 road-signs.

This phase of the project will start in September 2017 and finish by January 2019.

Cllr Lissimore added: "LED lights use 60% less electricity, provide better light, are totally recyclable and last far longer; therefore reducing maintenance costs. They contain no toxic materials and are guaranteed for 20 years".

Whilst the new lights will be a real bonus to road users, Cllr Lissimore added a caveat about localised light pollution: "Essex County Council have been very helpful in adding louvres or shields to individual lights where they might be an annoyance to local residents".

The introduction of these lights is a big step forward in saving us as tax payers money and Essex is becoming a cleaner, greener council". With the help of interest-free loans negotiated by the Conservative-controlled County Council, the project will pay-back in ten years, with massive savings to taxpayers in each year after that."
Conservatives are the true "Green" party. Not only do we speak it, we do it !


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