Vic Flores, Conservative Candidate, comfortably won the Shrub End by-election on 7th September, taking 39 per cent of the vote. Labour came second, and the LibDems. who previously held the seat, were 3rd.

Conservative:    689
Labour:            572
Lib Dem:          373
Independent:     54
UKIP:                52
Green:              34

The by-election was called when the previous Lib-Dem Councillor was required to resign for undisclosed family reasons.

Vic Flores attributed his success to a good positive campaign, clearly setting out his aspirations for the Ward, which resonated well with the residents. Vic received considerable support from Shrub End for his stance on key local issues such as;

- The highly unpopular changes to waste collection and recycling, introduced by Lib-Dems and Labour, is unacceptable to most Shrub End residents, who demand a return to weekly collections of general household waste

- The Town Centre is dirty and run down - our historic, beautiful Town deserves better!

- Colchester is full - we urgently need better infrastructure in the existing town, not a massive new town near Marks Tey!

- The chronic under development of our historic, unique, heritage.

Vic concluded: "A lack-lustre coalition of Lib Dems and Labour has run Colchester Council for nearly 10 year. The residents of Shrub End have clearly voted for change. This, hopefully, is the start of a change in the whole Borough. I believe as the new Councillor for Shrub End that I have the right balance of real world experience, both as a worker and as an employer, together with the energy and enthusiasm to really roll my sleeves up and represent the people of Shrub End at the Town Hall."

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