Survey results show that Colchester Borough Council (controlled by Liberal-Democrats and Labour) has not properly informed Stanway residents about the Local Plan for a proposed new town of 24,000 houses between Stanway and Coggeshall

Stanway Action Team and Conservative Party member, Jeremy Hagon has been asking Stanway residents how well informed they feel about the Council's plans. In an on-line survey, within the first 24 hours over 200 people stated they had no recollection of having ever seen Colchester Council’s “The Local Plan” guide to the consultation despite it apparently being delivered to every household in the Borough.

Residents from a wide range of addresses were sure they had not received one. Of those who did, some reported receiving two or more copies bound up with take-away menus and other junk mail.

Subsquently, an on-going “Have Your Say” survey has been posted to every household in the Ward by Stanway Conservatives. To date, approaching 1000 households have responded. When asked on a Scale of 0 to 10 whether they feel they have been properly consulted by the Borough Council on the plans:

  • over 85% replied “0” or “Not at all" satisfied
  • 95% responded with less than 5/10 and
  • under 1% of respondents stated they felt they have been “fully” consulted.

Cllr Paul Dundas (Conservative, Stanway Ward) stated “The response rate on our survey has thus far been fantastic and I would like to thank all those who have responded and are still sending them in. Whatever residents’ views on the New Towns, which are varied, they are united in the feeling that they have not been properly informed or consulted and the delivery of the Local Plan Consultation clearly has serious issues”.

Jeremy Hagon said: “We will be forwarding the final results of our surveys to both CBC and the Planning Inspector so they are aware of just how badly consulted Stanway feels on this subject”

 Conservatives pledge to consult the residents of Colchester on all important issues