Neighbourhood plans, which set policies on a variety of issues such as housing, industry, infrastructure and services in a local area, are a fantastic way to ensure the community determines the future of its neighbourhood. 

Colchester Conservatives are calling for more resources to be provided for Neighbourhood Planning. Although often thought of as a rural issue, Neighbourhood Plans are appropriate for all types of communities.

The call came during a debate on West Bergholt’s Neighbourhood Plan, which was supported by 94% of its residents. This incredible result shows the positivity of local people being involved in decision making, not just being told by planners what is going to happen.

This approach, supported by Colchester Conservatives, stands in stark contrast to the top-down approach of the Liberal Democrat and Labour controlled Council, which is striving to impose two new towns, to the east and to the west of the existing Town, via its quango North East Garden Communities Ltd.

Colchester Conservatives pledge that the money being poured into NEGC, under a Conservative Administration would instead to be spent on supporting communities to prepare their Neighbourhood Pans.