Cllr Sue Lissimore, Conservative Councillor for Colchester Prettygate explains >>

Did you know that Colchester's Liberal Democrat and Labour Council are forcing households to put certain plastics in general landfill waste, rather than recycle them?

A Conservative Council will make recycling easier by collecting all plastics for recycling.

Shouldn’t our council be doing everything it can to make sure we, as residents, recycle as much as we can? 

It is very disappointing that the Lib/Lab/Independent Coallition who run Colchester Borough Council is imposing a change in the domestic waste recycling rules. They require residents to put MORE plastic in with the general waste which is not recycled, but therfore goes to eco-unfriendly land-fill sites. 

Rubbish collection and recycling is the one issue that impacts on every home in Colchester Borough. It affects every household. We can choose whether we use other Council services, but waste collection & recycling affects everyone.

I am not an expert in plastics. I do not know the boundary between hard plastic that in future will go into general waste for land-fill, and soft plastics which will be recycled.  I do not know how thick plastic waste should be before it ceases to be non-recyclable film and becomes thin recyclable plastic sheet.

How will the disputes be resolved. If the waste collection service declines to collect our plastic waste for recycling because it includes an item of the wrong type of plastic, who will decide whether the disputed item is thick film or thin recyclable plastic sheet. Who will decide whether plastic is soft enough to go into recycling, or a bit too hard and should go into general waste for land-fill ??.

How will the refuse collectors spot it? How will they spot a small piece of clear cling film in a bag of plastic?  How will they have the time?  They are put under extreme pressure to complete their rounds within a four day week, which was implemented by this Council,  and this puts extra pressure on them. 

I know from personal experience within my own household, that recycling can be very stressful, but we do our best. To start inspecting every piece of plastic to decide if it is the type that should be recycling, or is the type that in future will be put in general waste, just increases that stress. Many residents won’t bother. It doesn’t take much for some to even give up on recycling when it is made difficult for them.  And where will this extra unrecyled plastic go?  If you’ve already up to capacity in your general recycling wheelie bin or 3 black bags, will it be fly tipped?.

At the heart of this stupid decision by the Council is the price paid for recycled plastic on the open market. A lower price is paid for plastic waste that includes plastic film and hard plastics.  Surely the important issue is not how much money is receiving for our recycling, but rather how easy is it for us to recycle and preserve the long-term environment of the the Town, Country and Plant. Keep it simple and we will do it. 



Which of the following types of plastic go into the Plastic Recycling, and which in to General Waste for Land-Fill under the changes proposed by the Lib/Lab/Independent Coalition: