Cllr Sue Lissimore, Conservative Group Spokesperson on waste and recycling, announced:  "We are pleased to inform you that the Colchester's Shrub End Recycling Centre will re-open from Monday 18th May. There will be updated guidelines on opening times, observing social distancing and a safety plan for staff and visitors to the site." 

Information on visiting the recycling centre can be found here HERE"

This will be particularly welcome news for households across the Borough because Colchester Borough Council’s normal kerbside waste and recycling service has been significantly limited for many weeks. Residents have told us how difficult it has been to store the accumulated waste and recycling not collected by the Council. We strongly sympathise with all those who have this added difficulty during this stressful and worrisome time.

The Conservative Group does not control Colchester Borough Council. So we have been asking searching questions of the Council Lib-Dem and Labour leadership as to why Colchester Borough Council is the only Council in Essex that has not continued to provide a near-normal kerbside waste and recycling service.

We still have no news on the resumption of kerbside collection of Garden waste.  Nationwide, 97% of councils have continued normal waste and recycling collections with no change (78%) or only minor changes (19%). We have recommended to Colchester Borough Council that it follows the examples of most other councils where kerbside collection service has been maintained and staff protected to re-introduce a normal timetable.

Cllr Lissimore concluded: "It is good news that the drive-in recycling centre has re-opened, but Conservatives demand that the full kerbside waste and recycling collection service is re-started immediately. This is what residents have paid for in their Council Tax. This is the service residents are entitled to receive."