My submission in the Gazette Newspaper's Letters section today on honesty in our local politics:

'I was interested to read about the recent submission by the Colchester Labour Group of their Alumno petition to the Leader of Colchester Borough Council.

Of course, Labour councillors were and are part of the Council, and they voted through the plans. Moreover, a Labour councillor was largely responsible for introducing these unwanted plans in the first place.

When challenged on this, a Labour spokesperson explained on social media that Labour councillors were entitled to change their minds. This places the Council in an incredibly difficult legal situation with the developers, Alumno, as the contract stipulates that the Council must use its best endeavours to ensure these plans are realised.

This latest occurrance is part of a wider problem with the discourse in Colchester's local politics. Sadly, it is all too often that councillors belonging to the Council vote through deeply unpopular decisions and then tell the public the complete opposite. Indeed, in this case, the Labour spokesperson actively petitioned against his Council's own policy, bound contractually with the developer.

Colchester deserves better than this sort of politics, and councillors should be owning the decisions they make, instead of trying to blindside the public. It would be a breath of fresh air to see the level of discourse enhanced in our local politics and for a dose of honesty from those councillors in our current Council.'