Cllr Simon Crow, Conservative Councillor for the Castle Ward and the Town Centre writes >>

The aggressive begging so often witnessed in the Town Centre needs to stop. You wouldn't expect it in the aisles of a supermarket, and the overwhelming feedback from Iocal residents is that it is putting people off from visiting and making them feel unsafe.

We are pressing Colchester Council and the Police to use the powers available to them to address aggressive begging. There are Public Space Protection Orders and the Police have powers to move people on under section 35 of the Anti Social Behaviour Act''„

There are, sadly, genuine homeless people on our streets and it is these people who deserve our help and attention, not those who are housed but simply preying on the good nature of local people

There are a number of amazing charities out there who help the genuine homeless with their needs.

If you can help with volunteering or make a donation, please do, as these organisations are best placed to help.