Colchester Conservative Councillors, working with Highwoods Independents, Greens and one Lib Dem Councillor last night succeeded in stopping attempts to give failed New Town Development Company  "North Essex Garden Communities Ltd" a further £350,000 of Council Tax Payers’ money.

The Liberal Democrat led Council, which claims to have no money, wanted to award the firm a further tranche of cash, so that it can be wound-up. This was rejected last year and again on the second attempt.

Cllr Lewis Barber, Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group said: "The Conservatives in Colchester have always argued the Garden Communities / New Town Development scheme would not work and voted against setting up the company in 2016. Four years and in excess of £8m of public money later they have been proved right."

The result of the vote was 22 for (11 Liberal Democrats and 11 Labour) with 25 against (20 Conservatives, 3 Highwoods Independents, 1 Green, 1 Liberal Democrat).