A firm anti Bradwell B nuclear power station policy has been put into place for CBC, thanks to local Conservative Councillors.

The rejection of any plans to build the vast site to contain Bradwell B off the West Mersea coast was passed at an urgent full meeting of Colchester Borough Council on 12th August. The meeting was a result of Conservative Councillors, joined by the single Green Member of the Council, calling in a lacklustre consultation response to the proposals for the power station.

The call-in was heard last month by the Scrutiny Panel and objections were led by Cllr John Jowers and Cllr Robert Davidson, who both represent Mersea Island, and claimed the site was environmental unacceptable to this part of the Essex coast. They also highlighted the inadequacies of the original response by the Lib/Lab coalition at the Town Hall.

Leader of the Conservatives, Cllr Paul Dundas, said: “I am delighted that Conservative colleagues got on the front foot with this and determined that the Administration’s consultation response did not reflect the true feelings of the people of Mersea Island and the whole Borough. It also came to light as part of the Scrutiny meeting that there was no official CBC policy on Bradwell B which is both extraordinary and inept, but sums up this hopeless coalition. Thanks to the Conservatives that has now been put right.”

In yet another U-Turn by the almost defunct and powerless Lib/Lab pact the Leader of the Council was forced to put forward a motion condemning any plans for Bradwell B.

Lib Dem and Labour Councillors queued up to speak in favour of the motion which led to questions as to why they hadn’t done that in the first place.

Conservative Councillors stuck to their principles of speaking out against Bradwell B and the result was a unanimous vote in favour of strongly objecting to any plans to build the nuclear power station.