Colchester taxpayers will not be asked to foot the bill for garden waste collections after a dramatic U-Turn by the hapless LibDem/Labour Coalition that still lumbers on in minority control at the Town Hall 

Colchester Conservatives welcome the Liberal Democrat and Labour Coalition's decision to drop, for a second time, their own proposals to introduce charges on garden waste.

This u-turn comes following unprecedented opposition from our communities and the threat of Conservative and Independent councillors joining together to vote these down.

The proposals re-emerged after a "non-public" sub-group was formed in which the Coalition gave itself a majority. After the plans were exposed, Colchester Conservatives led the charge against them. Colchester Conservatives have led the way in ensuring communities have a voice from the start of the proposals being mooted, with our petition seeing 94% of people opposed.

Cllr Sue Lissimore, Conservative Spokesperson on Waste and Recycling, said: “This policy was misguided from the start and it has now been proposed and dropped for the second time in two months. It risked putting further pressure on households during the most uncertain of times. It also would have damaged the environment, causing an increase in flytipping and more car journeys to the busy tip.

The Council must look to its vanity projects, such as the collapsed developer North Essex Garden Communities Limited, as a way to save money, rather than cutting front line services or asking households to pay more."

It is time to drop the policy of charging for garden waste collections for good, and no longer spend valuable time and money on finding ways to secretly keep proposing it and then dropping it when found out.