Cllr Paul Dundas, Leader of the Council & Conservative Group Leader

Cllr Sue Lissimore, Deputy Leader of the Council

Cllr Darius Laws, Conservative Group Deputy Leader

Cllr Pauline Hazell, Group Secretary


The current political make-up of the Council is:

  • Conservative 23 

  • Liberal Democrats 12 

  • Labour 11 

  • The Highwoods Group 3 

  • Green 2

As of 26th May, the Council is run by a Coalition of the Conservative Group and the Highwoods Independent Group.

  • The make up of the Council’s new Cabinet, which take day-to-day decisions, is:

  • Leader & Strategy - Cllr Paul Dundas (Conservative)
  • Deputy Leader & Resources - Cllr Sue Lissimore (Conservative)
  • Economy, Business & Heritage - Cllr Darius Laws (Conservative)
  • Communities - Cllr Beverley Oxford (Highwoods Independent)
  • Housing & Planning - Cllr Andrew Ellis (Conservative)
  • Environment & Sustainability - Cllr Simon Crow (Conservative)

At the Annual Meeting of the Council on 26th May, Cllr Paul Dundas announce the new priorities for the Council:

  • We will maintain an ambitious capital and regeneration programme but will seek to engage with residents and ensure they have their input, rather than fly in the face of public opinion.

  • We will re-examine and set new criteria for several proposed schemes.

  • We will do “everything we can” to find a “better solution” for Middlewick Ranges, where 1,000 homes are planned.

  • We will review the operation of Council’s waste service

  • We will support the development of neighbourhood plans in non-parished areas of the Borough.

  • We will work constructively with the Essex County Council to the benefit of Colchester where we can.

  • We will empower ward councillors to set policies which are right for their ward rather than impose.

  • We will make rolling out the new technology CCTV system across the borough, not just the town centre, a priority.

  • We will continue to invest in our social housing and continue the building and purchase of new properties.